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Orientation Services

An important service for expatiates, which CREChina provides is formalization tour tailored for the assignee and their family.  CREChina offer includes 1~3 day program to orient your assignee with Shanghai housing, schooling, transportations and shopping centers with our experienced, English speaking consultants. Of course, CREChina arranges transportation for this important event.

CREChina’s Orientation Program provides key information with clean highlights on the different type of housing available, housing visits and overviews, availability of school, amenities, hospitals, shopping, and transportation within each residential locality of choice.  CREChina scrutinizes available housing options with quality living and access in mind, to meet customer’s needs for travel to/from work, local schools, stores and malls, as well as family social preference.

CREChina’s recommendation is have an orientation program provided for assignee and family members together.  CREChina knows that this activity is important to assignee and family members to ensure that they will be happy with their home. At Property Plus, we strive to make sure all our customers enjoy their stay in Shanghai and work hard to make sure that they are not faced with settling in difficulties.  Property Plus keeps in touch with assignees to ensure that during their stay, that they are happy and work to ensure that potential difficulties are quickly resolved and keep to a minimum.

CREChina’s Orientation Services
1 Full Day or 8 hours orientation program, without home finding.
2 or 3 days of orientation with home location services.
In order to meet and best understand your needs, CREChina request completion of our questionnaire and assessment of your housing needs, including schooling, shopping, etc...
Welcome Package and Lunch Inclusive.

Assistance – Medical, VISA and Residence Registration
Important to your stay in Shanghai is Chinese Medical Checks, CREChina will accompany assignee for Medical Check and handle with following procedure, as required.
*  New Application and Address Changes
*  Certification of Residence or Alien residence permits
*  Employment License for New Applications
*  Residence Visa-New Applications or Extensions
*  Dependent Visa-For various family members
*  Work Permits or Visa- New Application, Renewals, Address Changes, Job Changes, Annual Inspection and Cancelations
*  Residence Permit:-New Application, Renewals and Information Changes
*  Work Visa & Certification of Residence

Service fees for Visa, Residence, Medical Check, exclude Government and Bureau charges. Transportation, Communication costs; however, to ease stress related to processing of government required permits, etc… CREChina provides light refreshments during these tasks.


Tenancy Management
CREChina’s Account Manager Report system can regularly provide vital information for your system. CREChina managing employees’ rentals, contractors, internet providers, landlords and can assist with making timely payment such as rentals or other expenses on behalf of the company or the assignee.  We collate all the expenses and submit for claims monthly.

CREChina oversees general inspections of properties, remind you and your staff of upcoming renewal of contracts and Visas. Property Plus keeps tract of upcoming lease expiration dates and we can represent you and your staff on negotiating initial lease and renewals in your favor to minimize sudden increase in rental cost.

*  24hr dedicated Help line and 12hr email response time
*  Transportation service
*  Short term accommodation
*  Repairs
*  Cultural assistance
*  All charges that are incurred have written receipts 

Move / Relocation Management

Assisting with Move Management at NO COST to you

CREChina can obtain fair quotation on your behalf and can coordinate schedule with movers and survey of household items. Property Plus provides advice to help you select the best moving company for your move at no added cost to you.CREChina’s research team has worked with different tiered moving companies in China for many years.  Be it international relocation, local moves or storage, CREChina will not only scrutinized contracts for hidden charges; but we will ensure service offering are comprehensive, insurance coverage are adequate and that you receive best possible relocation assistance from Property Plus as well as the local moving firm.  CREChina’s experience can help you avoid unscrupulous vendor or over zealous salesmen who over sell and under deliver. CREChina helps you benchmark the moving cost.

At packing / unpacking times, CREChina will interface with supplier and provide our quality control services to ensure that the entire process and conduct by the movers is professional conducted.  CREChina will assist with walk-down of the premises and ensure that a smooth and efficient hand over procedure of premise occurs.

If there is any issue during moving activites, our consultant will provide immediate assistance.

Immigration Process
Employment Permit and Residence Permit
Z Visa (Employment Visa)
Employment License and letter of visa notification which are both required by Chinese officials and need to be provided by the employer
*  Chinese name of applicant
*  Resume (including your contact information, marital status, education background and working experience)
*  Academic certificates
Any qualification related to your current position and if an employee does not have such qualification documentation, please ensure that the employee’s company to provide adequate ‘certified’ reference.
*  The date you plan to enter China

By presenting your passport, Employment License and letter of visa notification, you shall apply for the Z Visa (Employment Visa) at the Chinese embassy/consulate in your country or any 3rd country.

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